• CNC Sawing
  • CNC Turning with Live Tooling
  • CNC Boring
  • CNC Threading
  • CNC Knurling
  • CNC Milling with 4th Axis Capability
  • CNC Drilling
  • CNC Broaching
  • High Volume Production Machining
  • CNC Deburring
  • CNC Engraving
  • Metal Polishing
  • CMM Inspections
  • Comparator Inspections
  • Materials Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Professional Engineering Review
  • Onsite Warehousing for holding your inventory in stock and supplying as needed
  • Inventorying your hard to find material or semi-finished parts and finish machining as needed
  • Manufacturing and supplying your critical path requirements
  • Storage of your CNC programs in our database
  • Access to trusted alliance with area suppliers
  • On Demand Worldwide Shipping

Wells Manufacturing specializes in CNC precision machining for customers that require regular or periodic production of custom machined components.

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